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Why Print?

Over the last decade, the steady rise of all things internet has been the biggest change in the way we live, shop and do business. There is no denying that an integrated web presence is vital to the success of any enterprise - hey, you’re reading this online right now! - so what place does print have in the modern business world?

The best answer to this would be to ask yourself how you came to this web page? You may have come here via a web link or online search, but just as likely you have seen our web address on a piece of printed marketing material, business stationery or display advertising. Quality print, promotional material and signage display is a huge factor in the impression you give potential customers.

Sparking interest and directing traffic to your website is a major function of your marketing material, and a quality printed product is a great way to stand out from your competitors and attract new business.

There are a number of bargain basement online offerings for printed material, but what do they say about your business? The products are usually template based, low quality and flimsy items, often with the name of the cheap printing service on them! Not a great first impression to a potential new client.

 A well thought out, individual and quality piece of printed material however, shows a potential new client that you value quality and mean business! If your business card, brochure or point-of-sale display stands out from your competitors, you have given your business a huge advantage in any marketplace.

As well as this, printed material has a tangible aspect that a web ad or email simply doesn’t have. Remember when email was a new thing, and an email in your inbox was kinda cool? Those times did exist! With the amount of junk email we all receive everyday, it’s hard to get excited by any of it! However, when you receive a quality addressed piece of mail, it’s now much more likely to pique your interest, and therefore much more likely to inspire a response.

Quality presentation folders, brochures, stationery and promotional materials can inspire a feeling of confidence in a client - they can leave your office with something tangible that shows you are serious about what you do.